Monitoring ECM Systems with Open Source Components

Our vision:
The IBM ECM product suite i.e. CM8, Filenet P8 and CMOD   have been developed as  traditional software applications thus making the integrating of new cloud enabled  technology a challenging task. As consequence, customers using the IBM Content Management components on-premises often are cut out from the new ‘cloud trends and technologies’ .

Problem statement:

With this project we want to show how cloud enabled open source technology can lend itself nicely for monitoring and metering ECM systems using IBM Content Manager 8 V8.5.


*Content Management (CM) is a set of processes and technologies that supports the collection, managing, and publishing of information in any form or medium.

**Enterprise Content Management (ECM) extends the concept of content management by adding a complementary set of processes  that handle the creation, approval, distribution and disposal of the latter based on corporate governance standards and legal obligations thus adding what is commonly said to be the ‘Information Lifecycle Governance’ (ILG). Business processes require that all information is captured, analyzed, classified and when obsolete be disposed of.

Technically speaking, information is data, these days  mostly electronic data.
Electronic data fuels enterprise processes and flows through the networks  between the involved systems  inside and outside of the boundaries of  connected companies and firms by means of services offered on- or off premises or a combination of both. In analogy to Software as a Service (SaaS) in our context we speak of Content Management as a Service (CMaaS).

Design studies:
This study focuses on monitoring on-premises content management services  with the aid of adapted open source technology.

Solution approach:
In our approach the software components  used are:  IBM Content Manager 8 V8.5 and related co-products running on Linux CentOS virtual machine cluster and providing a set of content management services that simulates a multi-tenant document archive scenario typical for financial institutions i.e. Banks and Insurances but which can be easily generalized to other market segments as well.

For monitoring and metering we will use the TICK open source software components:

  • Telegraph, InfluxDB, Chronograf and Kapacitor
  • in addition also Grafana

Both Grafana and Chronograf can be used to create dashboards visualize the system state, we will evaluate and compare Grafana versus Chronograf  with respect to their capabilities and the effort required to integrate them in the CMaaS context.

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*,** According to  wikipedia