Meetup: Chatbots and Alexa Skills on IBM Cloud (17.07.2018)

In the previous session we learned about pushing NodeJS, Java and Swift apps on IBM Cloud and now we are talking chatbots and Alexa.

Want to quickly and easily build a chatbot, integrate it with Slack, Facebook Messenger or other platforms? Connect the bot with a database? Join Henrik as he explains you the basics and walks you through the steps.

Tired of Alexa not reading the whole wikipedia article? Watch Peter talk about his application on IBM Cloud to teach Alexa to read it all with ease.

And as always, worry not if this is your first time with IBM Cloud, there is lot in store to learn.

18:00 Get together, Snacks & Drinks
18:30 “Build a chatbot the easy way – learn how” – Henrik Loeser
19:15 Break
19:30 “Alexa, meet IBM Cloud” – Peter Goetz
20:15 Networking

See you guys at the Meetup! Feel free to contact us for questions. The talks will be held in English.