IBM Meetup – IoT on IBM Cloud (30.10.2019)

Happy to announce yet another interesting IBM Cloud developers in Stuttgart Meetup session. This time, we talk about IoT and development of IoT based applications on IBM Cloud.

18:00 Get together, Snacks & Drinks
18:30 “Introduction to IoT and IBM Cloud” – Harald Uebele, IBM Centre, Ehningen
19:15 Break
19:30 “Building a Twitter-display with IBM Cloud functions and Micro-controllers” – Tim Waizenegger, IBM Lab, Boeblingen
20:15 Networking

“Introduction to IoT and IBM Cloud”

Internet of Things is all around you. Be it your smart home, your phone, your office, your cars everywhere. It is important to understand how it works and what is the underlying architecture. Harald will give a short introduction into the Internet of Things with:
* IoT Reference Architecture: IoT Building Blocks
* MQTT as a typical IoT protocol
* IBM Cloud Services: Internet of Things Platform, etc.
* Demo

“Building a Twitter-display with IBM Cloud functions and Micro-controllers”

IBM Cloud functions(FaaS offering) allows you to easily write micro-services that interact with IoT devices and get triggered by different types of events.
In this demo, Tim will show how to write functions that get triggered when new tweets arrive, and process these tweets into an image that can be displayed.
After sending the image over an MQTT broker, experience how a wifi-connected micro-controller can receive and display the tweet on an e-ink display. One can easily adapt the patterns to react to events other than tweets, and send a result to any type of IoT device.

Join us for a this interesting session!!