Data Science Meetup (22.09.2016)

full_6628202-jpegOn ApacheSpark, Jupyter and TimeSeries Forecasting



1. Data Science Experience (Speaker – Armand Ruiz Gabernet Offering Manager, Data Science Experience)

Master the art of data science. The best of open source tooling, paired within a collaborative suite, that will fit into the social environment, built for data scientists by data scientists. See the new general available bundling of streaming and statistic tools, that will scale out on storage, logic and algorithms.

2. Predict with confidence what will happen next (Speaker – Markus Schulz Hadoop Specialist)

Analysis and prediction of past aviation traffic data, enriched with weather data and other environmental conditions, to forecast delays and visualize boilerplates in timetables and maps.
3. Realtime analytics of massdata (Speaker – Markus Schulz Hadoop Specialist)

streamed in realtime, some aviation traffic data from Berlin /Brandenburg is hocked up in the cloud. Fed by anordinary raspberry, the visualization will be done with openstreetmaps to get a monitor, that is like a radar device. See IBM´s streaming technology for massive scaled setup´s, that can analyze, operate and report with short latency, in a critical scenario.


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